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Tip and Trick

 Display of serveractions in chat

When you have stats you must know this, you will have the chat room filled with banned connection attempts, all sort of server messages that can get annoying.

In chat with the nickname that has stats type ">um" this will give you a list as below but with diff + and -. Change it so it looks like the list below and you wont have the log on attempts from banned users flooding your window anymore.


Link failing

Sometimes servers can have a lot of disconnects with the so called 10054 error. This is a unproven method, but seems to work.

In the server settings open up a lower port e.g. 2222-3456-8888. Make sure that in gotnap/naplist settings you keep reporting either 3456 or 8888. Now when you link the servers will link on the lower port ( 2222 in this case)
This might not fully do the trick but works most times.

Multiple servers on one comp

This is possible. Make sure you run both servers under a different DNS name. And run both under different ports. This way it will work.

Remove server(s) in a list

To remove a server out of one or all lists log in on the server that you want to remove the server from with a admin+ nick. In chat type >s remove server.dns.ext . To do this for all servers in one action >s removeonall followed by the dns.

More stuff will be added. Feel free to make suggestions at the Forum

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