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Rules    -    Linking

The Commandments

Thou Shall Share.
Thou Shall Not Leech.
Thou Shall Not Share Porn.
Thou Shall Respect The Server Rules.
Thou Shall Respect Others And Recieve Respect.
Thou Shall Not Make Use Of CapsLock In A Annoying Manner.
Thou Shall Not Use The Channels For Spammin Sites And Servers.
Thou Shall Respect These Commandments or Thou Shall Be Banned.


Want to Link with Ballad ?

All is possible, as you certainly know every network has its own rules, above you see the rules for  the users. The "rules" for the servers are as follows:

No Mod+, Speaking from expierence we dont want anyone that isent a server owner in the network to have mod+ status.
No additonal channels, Know those nets that have like a zillion and one channels.....sucks doesent it.
You must list Ballad under GotNap, We have tried net to net links, and found out, they suck! Thus if ya link ya must list Ballad
You must use our block file list, Corran spend alot of his free  time working on it to make it a damn fine one.
Ow and if you are a power eager mod...thnx, but no thnx.

and apart from that

Uptime: we prefer 24/7 but if ya cant u cant.
Connection: anything above 56 k , all the respect for people on a 56k modem, but it doesent work as a server.
Sense of humor:  its required!

We offer:
 a stable network, a active chatroom, a custom dns's "balladp2p.com" and Fun!

Still intrested ? Come and join us in the Ballad! channel or mail me!


Copyright 2006 Balladp2p.com.