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.: huize.balladp2p.com:8888 :.

.: About me :.

The nick -Huize- goes back to the Napster days. My nick there started as Huize_feest, but well ya change and i ended up with Huize. I started Ballad about 5 years ago you can read more about it under the "history of ballad" link. I also maitain this site. So if ya dont like it...please dont bother me with it :)
In daily life i work in a retaurant and next to that i brew beer for a new to open bar/restaurant with a brewery.

.: The hard- and software :.
CPU AMD Athlon XP 1900+, 1600 MHz
RAM 768 MB RAM (512+256)
Storage 1x60Gb Samsung, 1x80Gb Samsung
1x 180Gb Trekstor External
Line 5000 Kbit/sec -750 Kbit/s Cable via 100Mbit LAN
OS Windows® 2000 pro SP4
Server Slavanap 3.0.4. b121
Client(s) SunshineUN - TekNap - Swapgate
Blocked List In Place

.: Server Rules :.
P2p works on one simple principe...Sharing. Dont just download, allow uploads. If no-one would allow uploads no-one would be able to download.
Don't share incomplete files, installed programs, system files, no-one can use them all you are doing is (ab)using system resources that can be put to a better use.
Absolutely no porn, racist, snuff junk. If found you will be banned
In addition i will report your ip if i find/detect kiddieporn.
People sharing/possesing, hell even thinking of that should be shot
Be nice to each other. You dont like to be bitched at, neither does the other user
And if you chat behave in our chat rooms.

.: Sharing :.
Minimum files 75 Files
mp3 (on) mp2 mp3 mpga ogg vqf wma
audio (on) wav mid midi voc mod ra ram rmp rm m4a m4b
video (off) mpeg mpg mpe avi asf mov fli flc lsf wm wmv qt viv vivo movie divx bup ifo vob
images (off) gif png jpg jpe jpeg psd tga bmp fla swf tif tiff pcx
apps (on) exe zip rar ace rpm gz tgz tar hqx sit msi sis
CD images (off) iso bin cif nrg ccd cue img sub cdi cda rip udf dmg
textfiles (off) txt pdf doc wri mcw rtf wps ps xls xlw wsx


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