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The History of Ballad

In Short

The Ballad network has been around now for what..about 4 years or something..i wish i could recall but well i can't.Ballad was wel started as a tribute to the ballad.napster.com server but has since grown into something else. A thing that i can honestly say a online home, where i have some good friends linked and some good friends visiting. I hope i dont speak for myselve when i say that Ballad is a place, full of memories, and full of friends.How did it get started?


Yup yup yup Napster, i think most people that were frequent napster users know, that there were alot of napster servers out there. I myselve became a frequent visitor on ballad.napster.com and man we had some fuckin fun there. All sorts of people gatherd and a "hardcore" group that came back. It was this group that i missed the most when i lost my cable line.

Going offline

Yup there it was..moving to a new place...no internet damn, that sucked! I lost my cable line and well was offline, right trough the time that napster got its headshot and was forced offline. And the worst shit was, the girl in the room next to me had cable, but she wouldent share it! 

Coming back online

When i finally  came back online i stumbled in to a changed internet, no more Napster no more Ballad server I used to hang out at and worst of all no more old time friends which I used to hang with on that server. I was lost! I finally rememberd my hotmail pass and logged onto msn. And there they were some old time reg's. And luck had it they were running some software called slavanap, after well a crash course i installed it and wham my first server was born!Problem was that it used to crash whenever I exceeded 350 users buggy win98. Then Corran came up with the best idea ever he would mail me (real life mail) a copy of windows 2000 Pro, a week past after he said it and there it was a nice brown envelope with bubbly paper in it and a CD. I had win2k thank god, after going through a small hell of installing it and getting it to work (lost my mp3 collection there) but well I had it working that was all that mattered. Re-installed the server software and I was cranking again, held a nice 800 users with 0 lag and well boosted the small network up a bit. Problem was that we didnít have a network name, a big (read BIG) fight emerged here. A lot of crap was said at that time. I wanted the network name to be Ballad (but of course ) but there was someone who refused because it was something of the past. In this fight (which I still have a text copy off) I was told that I could try and start my own network because and I quote "it isnít that easy," needless to say I left

.Moving on

I logged onto a network called WelcomeHome and asked if they wanted me as a server, they were pleased and would love me, but it all took to long for me, they had to hold votes on everything. So I went to join a network called FlameNap, in here there were many servers linked but something about that place annoyed me, there were a zillion Mods running around nuking the shit out of each other and so on, I didn't like it and well I left but on my time there I noticed a server ran by a Greek called Plaka. Anyways I left and started Ballad, one server 800 users stand-alone. In the mean time I happened to have singed up on the SlavaNap forum and on there I again saw  Plaka, in my pissed off mood I mailed him and asked him if he was interested in starting a network with me which would be named Ballad (but of course.) Plaka mailed me back or joined the chatroom (not sure exactly its been some time) but well we linked our 2 servers together and we were in business.Thus the network Ballad was born

.More servers (came and left)

Not long after that I visited a server called waterpipe and met the dude that ran it, he liked the general Ballad idea (no mods no kiddiecrap anything else goes) and well there we were with 3 servers linked together thru me, it soon became apparent that we needed a hub server. By the time we got a 4th server it was sure we needed a dedicated hub, this 4th server knew someone and so Chris became our hub. Sadly we had several fights and well he left (we still have good contact to). Anyways we needed a new hub and after some more screwed up people that filled the position I came on contact thru some of my online friends that still came to visit me on my server Paul (monkeysjungle) he liked the idea as well and became our first dedicated hub.  servers sort to say. Well we slowly started to grow and actually had a Chinese server, sadly he suddenly disappeared, I still wonder how come and I do hope not due to the Government there. Another great addition were the 2 dumpster servers, Joey and Kevin 2 friends that came to join us, the network was there!

The current situation

Ofcourse there has been some time between the start of the network and how it is now. Servers came and servers left!  U just cant help that. If i was to write down who joined us, who left us, what happend etc etc i could write a damn E-book. How ballad is currently looking u can see on the rest of the website. Cheers -Huize-

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