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Slavanap and Opennap servers always were able to use Napigator to report to.
All programs that gatherd serverlist also made use of Napigator. Even all clients had it built in to pull lists from napigator.
Somewhere in 2004 napigator suddenly disappeard without a word or any notification, the server scene waited for 2-3 weeks till it became clear that we needed replacement for napigator. Out of the several alternatives that were released, GotNap proved to be the best.
The name comes from the famous line "Got Milk?"
How to ...GotNap

First you will need to register.
Fill in the requested fields, do NOT use a fake email account as this will be used to send an activation link to.Make sure you remember the username and password combination you  use there! After creating your account it will send you a email, to activate your account.
The email can take some time depending on your e-mail provider.(e.g. Hotmail/Yahoo etc ).

Once you have recieved the e-mail
follow the link provided in the e-mail to activate your account.

Log In!
After activating your account you can log in with the username and password you choose during the registering process

Adding servers/Maintaining Network
Once you logged in you will find yourself in the""profile" section.
On the left you have the navigation menu, under server(s) you can add your server(s).
Fill in all the fields, you can leave the I.P. one empty. After this you will recieve a new e-mail with the username and password combination for the reporting.Best and easiest is that you cut and paste this into your server settings.
If all goes well, you will see the dialogue between your server, and gotnaps database in your server log.

Under the "Network" link, you can setup and maintain your own network or you can request to join an existing network.


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