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Serverlist Retrievers

Small story on forehand. Slavanap and Opennap servers always were able to use Napigator to report to. All programs that gatherd serverlist also made use of Napigator. Even all clients had it built in to pull lists from napigator.  
Somewhere in 2004 napigator suddenly disappeard without a word or any notification, the server scene waited for 2-3 weeks till it became clear that we needed replacement for napigator. In the past there had been other programs but none ever got used cause napigator was most used and well known troughout the *nap community.
As a result there were 2 projects launched. And well the community got somewhat divided in to 3 camps. I wont waste anymore words on it, but this does explain why there are difference between the serverlist retrieving programs.
Gotnap Retriever. This is a rebuild of MagixNap, rebuild to work along side with Gotnap. The application pulls the combined list from the Gotnap site and can export it into formats suitable for: WinMx, SunshineUN, Lopster, Winlop and TekNap.


NapMx. Napmx used to pull lists from Napigator and is well known among winmx users. The latest build pulls both lists and can export them directly into WinMx.

 NapMx v3.1 "NapGotList" 

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