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How To Dns


How to No-Ip Free

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NO-IP -- Add Host This Company has many services but here we will concentrate on their "No-IP Free." First you have to sign up for an account, once you've done that your Password will be sent to you by e-mail. Go to the home page and use your password to login to the members area at first you will be on your account page. Go to the Add section. (top left hand corner) here you enter the NO-IP server names information about your server the "Hostname" "Host Type" and your current "IP Address." Under the "Hostname" you will see a drop down box here you choose what server suffix you want i.e. youserver.no-ip.biz When you complete this information click "Create Host" at the bottom of the page. You will have to wait about 5 minutes for the NO-IP database to be updated. NOTE sometimes it takes a bit longer so if you have problems double check that you have done everything correctly but if its more than 24 Hours,  e-mail the webmaster at NO-IP.

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No-IP Duc v. 2.13

Duc -- Main Window To keep your IP updated you can download a great little program from NO-IP or from Ballad the Windows version is called NO-IP Duc v 2.13. Unzip the program and double click it to start the installation, then open the program up and edit the settings and options that's it, no trouble and no fuss. NOTE when you click on the red X to close the program it will be sent to the system tray.

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Edit Settings

SlavaNap Main server settings Now just edit your SlavaNap settings with your new server name .

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How to DynDns.org

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Dyndns is very straightforward to setup and they have excellent help and setup instructions this information is a short guide with screenshots designed to help the absolute beginner

The Company provides various services like Create NIC account screenshotDynamic DNS, Custom DNS, Secondary DNS and Static DNS. We will concentrate on the Dynamic DNS service. NIC sign up screenshotSo go to Dyndns website and select the link at the top of the page "Sign up now" you must agree to the Terms here. You will be taken to the next step which is the sign up note the heading and complete the form you will receive an e-mail with your account details.

NIC add new host screenshot Login at Dyndns and click on "Add New Host" you will be  taken to this page enter all the details as required (marked in Red on the screenshot) and choose the server suffix you want from the drop down list. When you've finished click on "Add Host."

Basically that's is you've completed the sign up and made your server name. From now on whenever your IP changes you need to update your account information. you can log in from any page at DynDns.

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DeeEnEss Program screenshotVisit DeeEnEss this is just one example for the full list visit Dyndns for the windows versions. There are plenty of programs to choose from and most are free. However some authors ask you to donate whatever you think is appropriate. If you like the program PLEASE donate a minimum of $20 direct to the Author visit their websites for details.

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