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There are different ways to contact us. Either trough the chatrooms, e-mail, or the forum.
If you were banned, i suggest you take contact with us trough the Forum Please mention what reason it gives for your ban. We will never JUST ban someone, we ban with a reason, wich can vary from: 

Leeching Downloading alot, but not allowing any uploads
Porn We dont NOT allow porn on our network
Hammering Making multiple connections withing a certain amount of time, and thus abusing our resources
Fake files Dont share fake files, this only uses more of our resources
Spam Spamming isent tolerated
*mxmonitor Mxmonitor is banned, We set a minimum for our servers and will not have it that a user can overwrite it!
*leechhammer Same as with Mxmonitor
*trade* The name of the game is Sharing, not trading!
Nazi / racism Sharing files, having a related name
*guest* Everyone is unique, so be so unique as to choose a username

If you feel your ban is injust feel free to contact us on the forum. Keep note tho, we Ban on IP and Name, changing Name wont help you. Further more abusing the Forum to keep going into discussion over your ban will lead to a forum ban.

In short, if you play nice, we will to !
If you have questions about the site, you can contact -Huize- on the Forum, or trough mail

For all other needed contact that isent mentioned above and cant be handled on the forum mail here

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