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Keep in mind that the clients mentioned here are NOT all clients capable of connecting to opennap networks, the few mentioned here are the few we have had some experience with.
Client/Site <Download/Mirror Faq Description
AudioGome >Official site - No Mirror


Audiognome , good client few issue's , not for the newbie!
WinLop Official site - Mirror NA WinLop, the lopster  for windows, Good client, lots of features!
SunshineUN Official site - Mirror NA SunshineUN , good client, perfect for chat, lacks the ability to connect to multiple servers.
Lopster Official site -No Mirror  AV Lopster for nix, good client !
Napster Mirror - ReNap NA Get a older version and use ReNap to re-use it, u might need napigator
WinMx Mirror (v2.6) AV* Well WinMx pnp servers arent working anymore. Google for it and find the patches to keep using it.For oldies : version 2.6
TekNap Official site - Mirror AV* TekNap isent a client CLIENT, its more like a stand alone console, wich is used for admining tasks, however it has alot of nice features
Xnap Official Site - No Mirror AV A Client written in Java, can't tell more about it.


In the Faqs page youn can find some hints to connect to the Ballad network with WinMx, SunshineUN and Audiognome. Instead of providing extended faqs on each client i suggest you use google, or if that fails you can always ask questions on the Ballad Forum.

Seeing how we as a diverse group also use different clients there will alway be someone around to help you with your questions.

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