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Who are we ?
 a Network of SlavaNap Servers providing a free service to users of WinMx, Audiognome, Lopster, Sunshine UN, Napster, TekNap, Drumbeat and a host of other Peer to Peer (p2p) file sharing Programs

What's that ? -
Simple we allow users of these programs to connect to our Network of servers, search for and download mp3's, pictures - gif, jpeg, bmp, Movies- mpeg, avi, DivX, Programs, Clipart, Applications there's no limit really. Anything that is available on the internet can be found and downloaded free. When a user connects to our Network they upload information about the files they are sharing (file headers) this data can then be searched through by other users and in turn download a file from that other user. At no time is the file present on the server ! So does all this sound to good to be true ? Free and no limits ? there's got to be a catch. Well yes and no, some people,  consider this activity illegal, sharing FREELY between internet users !!??!!. Other people, literally millions of them all over the World are happily sharing every day. 
You should note one thing WE DO NOT CONDONE nor ENCOURAGE Copyright Violation!.


What else ?

take a look through the rest of this site, everything you see on this web-site can be downloaded FREE, there are client programs, mp3's, some good programs to try out. At the Forum you will have to register before you post a message, its painless, instant, and all your private information is kept confidential, please see the Ballad Privacy Statement. We do not spam you with advertising, you don't see banners or pop ups here do you ? So just have fun, take what you want, but please remember to SHARE



All servers within the Ballad network run on Slavanap This software is NO WAY affiliated with Napster, Inc. and uses technology different from one used by Napster, Inc. servers.
Whatever courts in U.S. will decide about Napster, Inc. cannot be applied to SlavaNap servers.With this server software all transfers are direct from one client to another client and data doesn't pass thru server.So server administrator cannot be responsible if one of clients will transfer illegal material from another client



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